Prevent the “fires” rather than spending time extinguishing them.

Countless incidents where influential brands and individuals are publicly taken to task for harmful design decisions and marketing gaffes can be easily prevented through knowledge and awareness. Our work provides a complement to organizations working with diversity and inclusion professionals, reinforcing their strategies with our unique specialization in “fashion and race” paired with fashion history and cultural insight.
Art Deco Enamel And Diamond Blackamoor Brooch, by Cartier. Courtesy of Jonathan M. Square.
Art Deco Enamel And Diamond Blackamoor Brooch, by Cartier. Courtesy of Jonathan M. Square. Learn more about the controversies surrounding the blackamoors at The Fashion and Race Database.

Dress and adornment is a personal and often political act, so creative inspiration should first consider significance. We do our part to hold designers and brands accountable by making sure that their design collections showcase a sense of cultural awareness and sensitivity before it hits the market.

An image and the words that surround it can speak volumes, so it is critical to first consider the impact of what you plan to express. We help make sure that your image-making practices and the language in your editorials meets our standards of non-harmful representation and communication.
In recent years, countless fashion brands and cultural institutions have enlisted Diversity and Inclusion leaders, but few of those leaders have an understanding of the history, concepts and business of fashion. Our services can align with your existing DEI strategies and goals by adding our knowledge of fashion history, theory and industry.

Case Study

A luxury brand needed to rebound from a racially-charged design.

Case Study

Helping a world-renowned museum rethink its internal strategies.


Guiding a national museum towards a more diversified collection.

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