Preparing a small modeling agency for major impact.

The Challenge

A boutique and reputable modeling agency approached us to better understand the needs of their talent and their agents. In addition, the imperative was to galvanize cultural change amongst their broader network of modeling agencies.

The Approach

Collaboratively with the CEO and leadership team, we started with a two-prong approach, applying both qualitative and quantitative methods, respectively: We hosted a private discussion group that focused on nurturing the agency’s Black-identified talent, and we designed and distributed questionnaires that analyzed what talent experienced day-to-day in their work as well as the agents. The questionnaires gauged the level of knowledge that agents felt they had when it comes to race, and it also sought to examine the forms of discrimination that the talent faced on the job.

The Results

The results from the questionnaires culminated in a report that surveyed the agency’s cultural and racial blindspots, and a 3-module lecture plan (which involved lessons in fashion history and theory) was developed to help address those particular issues. The agency’s leadership team made it their mission to share their education journey with fellow agencies, asserting that lasting change can begin with conversation and education.

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