Gain a deeper understanding of “why we wear what we wear” and why it matters.

A diverse and well-informed perspective is critical in today’s cultural and political climate. Our services can deliver the insights necessary to support your existing community as well as attracting a new audience. How well do you understand your demographic, their values and their interests? How can you better diversify your organization in terms of talent? Our insights and network can broaden the representation and potential of your team.
The word “theory” can provoke numerous assumptions and connotations, but our lectures and workshops in fashion theory are designed to be practical and relevant to your needs. Essentially, we help you understand the emotions, traditions and politics behind how we get dressed and why it drives a trillion dollar industry.
Beyond our lectures and workshops in fashion theory, sometimes all you need is to take the temperature of what’s going on in fashion today. Whether you’re working on a collection, writing an article, curating an exhibition or managing a unique project, our insightful analysis and informed opinions help verify your instincts.
Our network is not limited to researchers. We are also connected to brilliant, emerging designers and artists, as well as thought-leaders in fashion and advocacy who can diversify your organization’s culture.

Case Study

Preparing a small modeling agency for major impact.

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Each brand, organization or individual’s needs will vary, but we have seen that the scope of our engagements typically fall into one of the categories listed above. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you.