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Artis Solomon is an education consultancy that provides academic and creative solutions towards a more intelligent fashion system.

The education that’s required...is a long game. It requires learning some things and unlearning some things. It takes visionary thinking and courageousness.

– Artis Solomon Founder Kimberly Jenkins, speaking to Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Robin Givhan in “Fashion’s Racial Reckoning” (The Washington Post)

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The Fashion and Race Database partners with Tommy Hilfiger to launch a new podcast called The Invisible Seam: Unsung Stories of Black Culture and Fashion.

The Invisible Seam: Unsung Stories of Black Culture and Fashion will feature compelling interviews with expert guests, including designers, academics, fashion historians, museum curators, stylists and artists. It’s hosted by Kimberly Jenkins, a consultant, Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, and Founder and Lead Researcher of The Fashion and Race Database.

Learn more about this groundbreaking project in this article from Women’s Wear Daily (WWD).

Visit the dedicated landing page for The Invisible Seam to explore the episodes.

Listen to the trailer and follow the series here.

“Kim Jenkins is a visionary. The concept for Artis Solomon is brilliant and what the fashion industry has needed for a long time. Artis Solomon will have a profound global impact on fashion and give the industry more consciousness.”
N. Damali Peterman, Esq.

JAMS Mediator, Arbitrator and Ombudsman